About Us

We are a consortium of restoration practitioners who care about the health of our forests and waters. We are not necessarily academics, but we have an accumulation of experience earned through our professional work, training, and volunteerism with Earth Corps, Green Seattle Partnership, People for Puget Sound, and the Washington Native Plant Society.

Our aim is to convey the importance of addressing invasive infestations, to share our experience with homeowners wanting to do-it-themselves, and to advocate for policy changes to appropriately address the challenge of invasive plant species.  We provide referrals for professional services of local Seattle restoration specialists with known track records, and while we don’t (yet) have non-profit status, we pay taxes on donations in our mostly low-profit ventures.  If you would like to support our efforts to control plant invasions, hire some of the companies listed on this website.  If you need non-profit status for a donation, contact Steve Richmond for more information:  steve@gardencycles.com, or (206) 650-9807.