English Holly Ilex aquifolium


English Ivy Hedera Helix

pronounced seed rainn. 1. The deposition of seeds spread by bird, wind, humans, and animals, usually pertaining to invasive seed sources degrading natural ecosystems. 2. “Seed rain” describes the problem of invasive seeds crossing both public and private property boundaries.

Invasive Update: A recent study of Mercer Island forests shows English holly stems are outnumbering new native trees 9 to 1, and a study in St. Edwards State Park has found that holly is doubling every six years. Holly “has the potential to become a dominant species in both number of individuals and area covered within a few decades“(Dr. David Stokes, UW Bothell). The spread of English holly and ivy in regional forests can have detrimental effects on native flora and fauna, potentially affecting timber, fishing, and recreational industries.

Only YOU can prevent plant invasions.